Professional horse training at Fairfield Farm


Originally founded as a professional horse breeding and training facility, Fairfield Farm is built on the philosophy that horses are eager to do and what they are asked tarjetas de creditos en linea if they understand their jobs and are asked correctly. From starting young horses under saddle to retraining horses that have developed bad habits, we apply firm but gentle holistic training methods, using clear cues, repetition and ample rewards to bring out the willing partner inside your horse.


Our professional staff can also exercise your horse in your absence.



       Training for show or pleasure

                 at Fairfield Farm




            Training in groundwork

                and under saddle

Gentle training or retraining for your horse

We can help correct bad habits on the ground and under saddle:

  • Biting

  • Kicking

  • Pawing/striking

  • Begging/mugging for treats

  • Pulling on the lead line

  • Balking

  • Spooking

  • Breaking gait

  • Refusal to go forward

Whether you have a green horse or an old campaigner, we want you to have the safest, most enjoyable relationship possible. We can work with you to improve your horse�s manners. A polite horse will:

  • Stand quietly for the Ferrier, veterinarian and floater

  • Lift its feet for picking

  • Drop its head to accept the halter or bridle

  • Stand quietly for saddling and mounting

  • Load into a trailer

  • Walk quietly beside you

  • Yield to bit or hackamore (jaquima) pressure

  • Respond immediately to leg cues

We have extensive experience with

handling young horses

Our staff has raised countless foals and started dozens of young horses under saddle. Whether you just want your horse to learn the basics, or you want a finished trail or show horse, we take a patient, methodical approach designed to increase your horse�s strength and suppleness while building trust, confidence and skill.

Ask for more details about our training programs.

Your horse isn�t the only one who might benefit from some training. Learn about riding lessons at Fairfield.

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